przadki-kwadrat"Spinners" rocks have been arousing interest since time immemorial. The appearance of the rocks themselves was what evoked most appreciation. Their strange contours with hollows, cracks and clefts, as well as rounded, dumpy boulders resemble stooping figures turned into stone. Maybe this is why folk imagination concocted romantic legends about them.

The Legend about the Spinners

Long, long time ago it was customary for soon-to-be-married girls to spin flax into linen from which wedding clothes for themselves and their fiancés would be sewn. At that time the castle was inhabited by a mother and her two daughters, both of whom were to be married soon. And so the girls would sit at their spinning wheels spinning flax into linen for their wedding dresses. The wedding was supposed to take place on Easter Monday. Although the sisters worked in haste, they didn't manage to finish on time. Easter had come and instead of going to the Resurrection service the sisters stayed in their room to finish work. When their mother learned about that she bristled with such anger that she cried out: 'May you turn into stones, my damned daughters!' Both girls turned into stones, and so did their mother, because she couldn't bring up her children in fear of God.

Based on the story by Zofia Grochmal

In times of yore, Kamieniec was surrounded by a dense forest, full of various beasts. The lord of the castle would often go hunting and invited his neighbours to accompany him. Especially welcome were young men, as the lord had three beautiful and marriageable daughters. A young knight fell in love with one of them and asked for her hand in marriage. They got engaged and started getting ready for a sumptuous wedding feast. One day, at dawn, the men went hunting to a nearby forest while the women were spinning flax into linen for the trousseau. When the hunters failed to come back for the night, in the following evening the alarmed sisters set out on their horses to search for the men. However, it soon became dark and the sisters lost their way. After wandering about for a few hours they arrived at the edge of a clearing and when they saw a fire and some people sitting around it, they were convinced they had found the hunters. However, they were horrified when instead of their father they were approached by a shaggy brigand, while several other menacing figures emerged from the forest. Terrified, they turned their horses back and took flight. The brigands also mounted their horses and a frenzied chase began. The horses of the sisters were exhausted so the distance between the chased and the chasers began to grow shorter. And just when it seemed that there was no hope for the girls, something strange happened. A sorcerer who arrived to the castle with the young knight turned the sisters into stones and he himself vanished into thin air. Since that time strange noises and wails can be heard in this place at night, as if the sisters were complaining about their fate.

Based on the story by Wojciech Byczek


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