bieszczady-kwadratThe highest parts of Bieszczady Mountains constitute very attractive tourist areas, especially as regards hiking and horse riding. The network of hiking trails in Bieszczady National Park, which is over 130 km long, creates excellent conditions to get into close contact with nature.

The natural environment of Bieszczady Mountains is unique in that it includes extensive lower subalpine forest with the landscape disturbed only to a small extent, traversed by clear streams and rivers, and with picturesque uninhabited valleys and the remains of old villages.

Tourism in Bieszczady National Park and in the entire area of the East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve is subordinate to the main aim which is the protection of natural and landscape resources. Designated and well-marked hiking trails, with the entire system of information and ticket points, rain protection shelters and services make it possible to hike and visit the most interesting parts of Bieszczady without violating the rules applicable in Bieszczady National Park.

Especially recommended in the Park area is educational tourism, which mostly includes hiking tours aimed at learning about nature. Bieszczady National Park has all the facilities necessary for that kind of activities (for tourist and school groups), such as accommodation facilities of average tourist standard located in various parts of the Park. Groups arriving to Bieszczady National Park are offered several days or several hours trips, open lectures, educational films shows or several days workshops conducted by qualified didactic and field staff.

Written by Wojomir Wojciechowski
You can learn more about tourism in Bieszczady on the website of Bieszczady National Park.