It is a coupage of Maréchal Foch and Leon Millot, French hybrid varieties, mixed in equal proportions. Both varieties produce small bluish-black berries, and each variety has a different acidity, therefore they blend well with each other.
It pairs pleasingly with meat and grilled or roasted poultry.

A hybrid variety from Germany which is growing in popularity. It has bluish-black medium size berries. It is easier to grow than Rondo and produces wines densely coloured with tannins, with a delicate fruit flavour.
It goes well with red meat and juicy steaks.

The most popular red wine variety in Poland. It is a German hybrid of St. Laurent and Zarya Severa. Its big, dark-skinned berries ripen very early. This is a good quality, ruby red, fruity wine, similar to Pinot Noir. Rondo variety wine has a great maturing potential.
Food matches for Rondo include duck dishes, rabbit meat and roast beef.

German hybrid created by crossing Dornfelder (Vitis vinifera) and Cabernet Sauvignon, the most popular German cabernet variety, with bluish-black berries. Our wine is low in acid, harmonious, with delicate tannins and subtle fruit flavour.
It pairs well with lamb, wild poultry and heavy pasta dishes, such as lasagne.

Classic French-American hybrid variety producing green-yellow fruits with golden russet blush, characterized by a distinct aroma of herbs and melon. The taste and aroma of the wine produced from Seyval Blanc are harmonious, comparable to Chardonnay.
We suggest you serve this dry wine as an aperitif, with vegetable salads, fish and seafood.

Hybrid variety from Germany, late ripening, mainly used for sweet wines. In our vineyard it produces good straw wine made from grapes that have been dried, with a distinct Riesling-like aroma.
Best to be consumed with desserts, blue cheese; it matches well with prosciutto.

Hybrid variety from Germany, its name derived from a Latin word meaning „sunny”, stands for strength and early ripening. Fully ripe fruits are amber-coloured, with moderate sugar content, therefore our wine is dry, with a note of pineapple and hazelnuts.
Recommended to be served with white meat, seafood and cheese.

Hybrid variety from Hungary, well-proven in the Polish climate, bears very tasty green-yellow berries, sometimes used to produce dessert wines as well. It produces wine of good quality (Galicja Vitis Łańcut 2015 Gold Medal) with high extract, good acidity and pleasant aroma of pears, citrus and honey. Our wine is classified as dry.
Excellent to accompany fish dishes and salads.