The Castle Vineyard was founded in 2011. It is located on the south-western slope of a hill, in the Subcarpathian village of Korczyna, near Krosno, and takes its name after the nearby Kamieniec Castle, the history of which inspired Aleksander Fredro, a famous Polish playwright, to write his best known play "The Revenge".

The vineyard covers about one hectare. The grapes grown here include: Leon Millot, Solaris and Hibernal. The entire production process takes place in a Winery located on the vineyard grounds.

There are several services available. Our wine can be purchased in chosen shops in Subcarpathia. In the Winery building we have testing room ready to host 40 people. Testing and winery tour lasts 2 hours. You will listen about the art of creating, serving and drinking wine. Please contact us before your visit. All the details you will find on the Services page.

Ola Stodółka, a designer from Kraków, is in charge of the visual identity of the Vineyard.